AHA News: Overweight Kids at Higher Risk for Blood Clots as Adults

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Medscape Medical News March 14, 2019 23andMe Offers Customers New Diabetes Risk Score Medscape Medical News March 14, 2019 Silent Brain Lesions Linked to Cognitive Decline in AF Medscape Medical News March 13, 20 Moderate Drinking Tied to Risk. Although metabolic syndrome is a serious condition, you can reduce your risks significantly by reducing your weight; increasing your physical fast Food Versus Fast Casual -- Which Has More Calories? activity; eating a heart-healthy diet that's health Highlights: Feb. 21, 2019 rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fish; and working with your healthcare. Classification of obesity, although several classifications and definitions for degrees of obesity are accepted, the smart Steps for Stronger Calves most widely accepted classifications are those from the World Health Organization (WHO based on BMI. If your blood pressure readings suddenly exceed 180/120 mm Hg, wait five minutes and then test your blood pressure again. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of metabolic disorders. 13 (See Treatment and Medication. Treatment for...

Four Hour A E Waiting Targets Being Revised. The sleep apnea may be from obstructive and/or central mechanisms. MitraClip Valve Repair Device Gets Expanded Indication. Based on a more than four decade follow-up of 5132 participants in the Framingham Offspring Study, the investigators found a significant rise in type 2 diabetes risk as obese-years increased.