Morning Break: Exploding E-Cig Kills Man Medicaid Rollback 039What Hell Feels Like039

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An e-cigarette killed a 24-year-old Texas man when the device exploded and cut his carotid artery. (USA Today)

University of Pennsylvania Hospital is testing a patient for possible Ebola infection. (

Matt Bellina, one of the individuals that the "Right to Try" law was named after, is now getting an investigational ALS therapy from BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics. (Bloomberg)

The nurse at Hacienda Health in Phoenix charged with impregnating an unconscious woman pleaded not guilty. (CBS News)

Legislation to thwart surprise medical bills is getting a rare bipartisan push. (Kaiser Health News)

Just 3 months after Idaho and Utah voters used ballot initiatives to expand Medicaid, Republican lawmakers there are drafting legislation to restrict the number of enrollees eligible for the public insurance program. (The Hill)

An aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) reportedly told insurance executives in private not to worry about Democrats' push for "Medicare for All." (The Intercept)

Are pharmaceutical companies losing on artificial intelligence to DeepMind? (New York Times)

Allergan says rival company Evolus stole manufacturing secrets for its newly approved botulinum-toxin alternative to Botox. (FiercePharma)

Jurors in federal court ordered Takeda to pay Bayer $155 million in damages in a patent infringing case involving (Adynovate) for hemophilia. (Reuters)

As biosimilar drugs chip into Roche's sales on blockbuster breast cancer drug trastuzumab (Herceptin), the company looks to expand the use of ado-trastuzumab (Kadcyla) for the disease. (Endpoint News)

Can vaccine hesitancy in part be explained by moral foundations theory? (Slate)

As Venezuela's health system crumbles, citizens are crossing into Brazil for basic medical needs. (NPR)

In other parts of the world, 17 victims of acid attacks in Cambodia have not received government aid for their medical care, according to a report -- "What Hell Feels Like" -- from Human Rights Watch. (BBC News)

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