AHA News: Family Adopts Three Children With Three Different Heart Conditions

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what to know about cod News ) - James and Tara Fussell were on a Caribbean cruise celebrating their 10th anniversary when they decided to give their son and two daughters another sibling. "Kids can teach you how to act sometimes." 2019 HealthDay. Once again, a little girl caught her attention. Tara sent the girl's file to James at work. Three years later, Tara saw online the profile of the girl who'd become their next child, Juliet. Treatment for...

"These kids might have been born with a broken heart, but they are strong, and there's a light in them Tara said. Unlike Juliet's condition, which proved relatively easy to correct, this condition would require multiple challenging operations. They'd been married for five years when their biological son, Jackson, arrived. "You claim to love babies, yet you're not even willing to ensure one or two have a good home. James and Tara have not ruled out adopting another child. The file noted he would need regular blood transfusions.