Health Tip: Put Your Obese Dog on a Diet

-- Being overweight isn't just an issue for people. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention says more than half of all dogs are overweight.

A dog that weighs too much is at greater risk of osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, orthopedic problems, ligament injuries, skin disease, heart and respiratory disease, some cancers and lower life expectancy, the American Kennel Club says.

If your dog needs to trim down, the AKC suggests:

  • Carefully measure meals.
  • Set a schedule for mealtime.
  • Limit treats between meals.
  • Opt for low-calorie treats.
  • Get your dog moving by walking, swimming or playing fetch.


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Heavy dogs tend to physically interact less with their families and be less energetic and playful. Photo: melloveschallah 5 Tips for a Healthier Weight. No insults, but calm truth. Cats quickly learn when the food will drop down and will wait at the feeder instead of nudging their owners, she said. As you can see, looking at overweight and obesity in dogs and cats as a cosmetic problem is a serious misconception. Treatment for...

Youre using the wrong brush. More and more of our pets are entering into the highest danger zone for weight-related disorders. Common obesity-related ailments in dogs and cats include arthritis, heart disease, bladder and urinary tract disease, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and spinal disease. Treats used for training or retrieval should contain only a few calories each, like Fruitables Skinny Minis or Zukes Mini Naturals.