Morning Break: Injection-Free Insulin Measles Outbreaks Stinky Attraction

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The vision of injection-free insulin therapy continued to tantalize researchers. (New York Times)

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb suggested Walgreens' management may be winking at cigarette sales to minors -- this after the agency busted one of its stores in Miami, along with a Circle K store in South Carolina.

Retired Rep. John Dingell Jr. (D-Mich.), who served nearly 60 years in Congress and had a hand in health-related legislation from Medicare to the Affordable Care Act, died at age 92 from prostate cancer. (Politico)

FDA approvals of generic drugs increased dramatically over the past 2 years -- but almost half of the drugs aren't being sold in the United States. (Kaiser Health News, CNN)

Plaintiffs in a wrongful-death suit alleged that the chief pharmacist at an Ohio hospital knew about excessive dosing of painkillers but did nothing to stop it. (ABC News)

A man quarantined at a Philadelphia hospital because of suspected Ebola ultimately tested negative for the virus. (Reuters)

One of Apple's newest employees is an ob/gyn noted for treating Ebola-infected women. (CNBC)

TV ads for the blockbuster oral anticoagulant rivaroxaban (Xarelto) will soon include its price, as Johnson & Johnson becomes the first drug company to take that step. (Market Watch)

An outbreak of flea-borne typhus has forced Los Angeles city officials to consider ripping the carpet from some government buildings. (USA Today)

Washington state's measles outbreak spurred a vaccination epidemic, especially in Clark County -- the epicenter of the outbreak -- where vaccinations in January shot up 500% compared with 2018. (Kaiser Health News)

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization warned of a growing measles problem in Europe, tied to vaccine refusal. (Reuters)

And a measles outbreak in the Philippines has grown to more than 1,500 cases, 441 in the Manila area alone. (CNN)

Go figure: Single men kinda stink and women kinda dig it. (Frontiers in Psychology)

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