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Having backups of all data and software will reduce the amount of time required to get Cisco Unity running again if a non-raid hard disk fails or if the Cisco Unity server is stolen or destroyed. When you back up a Cisco Unity server (and one or more Exchange servers) you need to consider the same issues involved in backing up any other system. For information on any special backup requirements associated with other third-party software that is installed on the Cisco Unity server (for example, virus-scanning software refer to the manufacturer documentation. Note that the Exchange.edb and.log files are backed up only when the Exchange databases are backed. We recommend that you read the documentation before choosing a backup method. Overwriting the existing logs is known as circular logging.

Keep in mind that if this is a new installation with little data in the SQL Server and in the Exchange databases, your test backups will probably be much smaller and take significantly less time than when. In a failover configuration, neither the primary nor the secondary server backup includes messages, which are held on a separate message store server. Closely tied with the backup method is the media rotation method. Refer to the "Supported Backup Software" section of the Cisco Unity System Requirements, and Supported Hardware and Software, available. Note that a backup of the database on the primary server has SQL replication links that will be broken if this database is restored to a new server, thus requiring extra steps to clean up the broken SQL links. If you do both full backups and differential backups, you need to restore only the most recent full backup plus the most recent differential backup.

When to Schedule a Backup, backing Up a Cisco Unity Bridge Server. The files that you back up on the Bridge server include: WAV files of voice names for Octel and Unity node directory entries A database that contains configuration data and information about Octel and Unity node directory entries Configuration files Considerations. Options for Backup and Media Rotation Methods. Cisco Unity Bridge System Requirements, and Supported Hardware and Software.

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Do online backups only. Differential backups include all files that changed since the last famvir laake full backup. DiRT is not supported for backing up the Cisco Unity Bridge. Options for Backup and Media Rotation Methods Backup software offers a number of backup methods, including backing up all files (full or normal backups and various methods of backing up files that have changed since the last backup (differential and incremental backups). See the following sections: Risks of Lost Data If a Hard Disk in a raid Fails Risks of Lost Data If a Non-raid Hard Disk Fails Risks of Lost Data If a Server Is Stolen or Destroyed. If Cisco Unity is installed on the failed hard disk and if any voice messages are in the Unity Message Repository (UMR) when the hard disk fails (because, for example, the network connection to the partner Exchange server was down you will lose those messages.

For the Cisco Unity Bridge serverThe "Supported Backup Software" section of the. It is important to confirm that the SQL Server/msde database backup does not overlap the backup of the Cisco Unity server. The more incremental backups you have done since the last full backup, the longer it will take you to get Cisco Unity working again. Note that circular logging is turned off by default in Exchange 20, but is turned on by default in Exchange.5.

Protection of the Exchange Transaction Logs When a new message arrives, it is saved in a transaction log and then is copied from the log to the message store when system resources are available. Documentation of the Cisco Unity Installation, hard Disk Monitoring, inventory of Spare Hard Disks and Servers. Back up all data and software on all drives on the Cisco Unity server. This requirement means that you must purchase and use the third-party backup software agents for Exchange and for SQL Server, which allow you to back up open database files.

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Refer to the following for a list of backup software that is qualified for use with Cisco Unity, and for the Cisco Unity backup software support policy: For the Cisco Unity serverThe "Supported Backup Software" section of the. Differential backups may take longer than incremental backups. Protection of the Exchange Transaction Logs. If you have spare servers that you can cannibalize for parts or that you can convert to a Cisco Unity server in an emergency, you need not maintain an inventory of spare hardware.

See the "Backing Up a Cisco Unity Bridge Server" section.) Configure the backup software to verify the backup, which ensures that the backup tape or other media can be read after the backup is finished. We strongly recommend that you do the following: Turn circular logging off. You will lose all changes to Cisco Unity configuration data that were made since the last backup (for example, call handlers, templates, and other data stored in the Cisco Unity SQL Server databases). (Cisco Unity does not support non-fault tolerant raid configurations, in which data could be lost if a single disk failed.) However, the following limitations will exist: If the failure occurs in a raid 1 array composed of only two. At this point, the backup reflects the current state of the message store, so the transaction logs are no longer required to restore the message store. Inventory of Spare Hard Disks and Servers Not all raid disks are compatible with one another, and only selected servers have been qualified for use as Cisco Unity servers.

Backup software can back up both software and data. For example, you may not be aware that a backup failed, and you may need to reinstall all software even if you are making full backups. You will lose changes to greetings and recorded names that were made since the last backup. Backup software agent for Exchange Server (if Exchange is installed on the Cisco Unity server or if you want to back up the Exchange and Cisco Unity servers together).


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After you back up the message store by using Exchange-aware backup software, the backup software clears the transaction logs. For more information, refer to the backup software Help. Backups of Cisco Unity Servers That Are Configured for Failover. Depending on how much data needs to be backed up, and in a failover configuration, whether you are backing up all data on the primary and secondary servers, the backup could take several hours. Introduction, this chapter describes in general terms backing up a Cisco Unity system. (Note that the service packs, Engineering Specials, and Service Releases that are installed on the Cisco Unity server are not significant to the backup process.).

A backup device (for example, a tape drive) and backup media (for example, tapes) compatible with the backup device. Note that backing up Cisco Unity does not require custom settings in backup software. We recommend that you use a backup software package to back up a Cisco Unity server rather than using the Cisco Unity Disaster Recovery how to buy cialis cheap in india tools (DiRT) for the following reasons: DiRT is intended as a tool to be used only for upgrading. When you choose a media rotation method, you must do the following: Choose the backup method to use each day (for example, differential backups Monday through Thursday and full backups on Friday). Carefully watch the amount of available space on the hard disk or in the partition where logs are stored, and increase the amount of available disk space when it is too low. Treatment for...

Backup software is designed for use in a comprehensive backup strategy. You can configure logging in one of two ways: either the existing logs are regularly overwritten, or the existing logs are never overwritten. Table Of Contents, about Backing Up a Cisco Unity System. If the failure occurs in a raid 5 array, fault tolerance will be maintained, but the loss of a disk will cause performance to be severely affected until the failed disk is replaced. Additional Information About Backing Up the Exchange Databases and Mailboxes When you select the message store and the directory store databases for backup, mailboxes and messages are included in the backup.