Wellness Watch 2019: 10 Surfers, Skaters, and Snowboarders to Follow

Laura Enever @lauraenever

Natalie Miano @ocrmommy

Bethany Hamilton @bethanyhamilton

Sky Brown @skybrown

Andréa Lachance @andrealachance

Sara Enrich @saraenrich_fit

Mollie Hughes @molliejhughes

Rachel Atherton @rachybox

Pip Stewart @pipstewart

Ness Knight @ness_knight

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/surfers-and-skiers-on-instagram

Wellness Watch 7 Emerging Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica 2019 : 10 Surfers, Skaters, and Snowboarders to Follow

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If its sunny and clear then good UV-blocking sunglasses can do the job. You might find that landing a triple backflip is tricky in your first lesson. At the same party I had parked my campervan near a skatepark, when I was woken by the abrasive sound of skateboarding I realised my left over vegan chilli had disappeared. Just squat all day, every day. Then make sure youre wearing and carrying everything you need, have sunblock on and dont have a gap between your goggles and beanie/helmet this is highly uncool among snow folk.