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Hans drew George, and Margret brought him to life with her narratives. Shortly after, in 1935, the couple was married. But, as Hans once said, Curious George is sort of a child and one of the children who take care of their parents. The epic tale of their escape is chronicled. And they had to get out of Paris. Treatment for...

It's hard to know if at a different time they would have still ended up writing children's books, but it's certain that their chosen profession, and the fact that they worked together, brought out the best in each other. From that moment on, we were spies. But the more I health Highlights: Feb. 4, 2019 studied health Tip: Exfoliate at Home their lives, the more connections I realized. The Reys later moved to a small community in Waterville, New Hampshire. Im feeling really good about it, though. Why do you think the story needs to be told?