Health Tip: Prevent Heel Pain

-- The heel is the largest of 26 bones in the human foot, the American Podiatric Medical Association says.

Heel pain is typically caused by heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or achilles tendinitis.

The association offers these suggestions to avoid heel pain:

  • Wear shoes that fit well front, back and sides; have shock-absorbent soles, rigid shanks and supportive heel counters.
  • Wear the proper shoes for each activity.
  • Do not wear shoes with excessive wear on heels or soles.
  • Before exercising, warm up and stretch.
  • Pace yourself when you participate in athletics.
  • Lose extra weight.


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Losing any extra weight. Getting plenty of rest. Replace all loose or worn cleats. Despite being a low impact sport, foot pronation can fatigue how to Manage Asthma in the Winter and Stay out of the ER the plantar fascia while cycling. Diana Kohnle, copyright 2016 HealthDay. Treatment for...

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Ho, good foot, I got to get how to Keep Joints Moving Pain-Free in the Cold on the good foot,. As always, when issues arise, seek medical advice from your personal physician how to Know if a Baby has RSV and When to Go to the ER or medical professional first. Foot Problems Slideshow Pictures, what Feet Say About, health. Pay special attention to your calves, ankles, feet and Achilles tendon when changing to a new pedal system or replacing cleats. (HealthDay News), heel pain can make everyday activities difficult and painful.