Health Tip: Care For a Wound At Home

-- Taking care of a significant wound helps prevent infection and minimize scaring, the Nemours Foundation says.

The foundation suggests how to care for a wound at home:

  • Keep the wound covered with a clean dressing until it stops producing fluid.
  • Wait an average of four days after surgery before showering. Ask your doctor for a specific time to wait.
  • Do not soak in the bathtub or swim until your next doctor visit.
  • Don't let pets get close to a wound.
  • Do not pick or scratch a scab.


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Do not drive if you're feeling dizzy and feverish. If you believe that your wound is getting infected, visit a medical clinic or make an urgent appointment to see your doctor. You may be able to buy nsaids without a prescription, but most effective antibiotics will need a doctor's order. The leg may need more treatments for the infection and to improve blood flow. If there are signs of infection, a sterile bandage will protect the wound from further contamination until you can see a doctor.