Morning Break: Juul Halts Mint E-Cig Sales Pelosi Pushes Back Drug Bill 13 Billion Opioids

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Juul Labs said it would immediately stop selling mint-flavored pods for its popular e-cigarette device, perhaps going beyond the FDA's still-awaited increased restrictions. (Reuters)

CDC's latest numbers on the vaping injury outbreak: 2,051 cases, 39 deaths, and still none in Alaska.

People who actually know weigh in: there is no such thing as a "virginity test," contrary to what rapper T.I. said on Twitter. (New York Times)

House speaker Nancy Pelosi now said she will not bring her drug pricing bill to the floor for a vote in November. (CNBC)

So, what exactly is the future of Vyondys 53, the Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug rejected by the FDA? (STAT)

Ten residents at an Oklahoma care facility were supposed to get flu shots, but insulin was given by mistake. sending them to a hospital. (CNN)

A Washington Post investigation found that from 2006 to 2012, Walgreens bought 13 billion pills, dominating the retail opioid market in the U.S.

Off-label naltrexone to treat meth addiction? NPR takes a closer look.

Millennials have a higher rate of chronic health conditions than Gen-Xers did at the same age, and that could be bad news for the economy. (CBS News)

One expert discusses the evolution (or is it devolution?) of the medical record and its impact on the physician/patient relationship. (KevinMD)

Winner winner, recalled chicken dinner: in eight states, over 2 million pounds of poultry products were recalled over fears of contamination with "foreign matter." (CNN)

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Juul Temporarily Halts Online Sales Of Flavored

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Juul said Thursday it will no longer sell its popular mint pods after a National Institute on Drug Abuse study found the flavor is the favorite among US teens and adolescents. The company also said it would close its Facebook cialis active gel and Instagram social media accounts, and pledged other steps to make it clear that it doesn't want kids using its e-cigarettes. They have been sold in the US for more than a decade and are often pitched as a lower-risk nicotine source for adult smokers. After halting mint sales, Juul will only sell menthol and tobacco flavors. Treatment for...

The move by Juul Labs Inc. Some vaping products come in flavors with names like bubble gum and cotton candy, leading to criticism that the industry is marketing e-cigarettes cialis description of india to children. Federal health officials are expected to soon release plans for removing most vaping flavors from the market. Juul represents 75 of the e-cigarette market and has a wide appeal with young smokers due to their small discreet size and flavorful offerings.