Pay for Performance Works: HealthLeaders Media

Giving physicians substantial bonuses in pay-for-performance arrangements does enhance their performance, a recent study found.

A recent analysis indicated U.S. healthcare spending is increasing because of rising prices, not because patients are receiving more care.

Unforeseen hospitalizations for cancer patients occur frequently and may be preventable, according to a new study.

These five healthcare technologies may improve patient care while also curbing costs for hospitals.

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Why Performance Bonuses and Merit Raises Don t Work

They argue that Medicare should terminate its program but that other organizations should continue to use the legal advice ’to be given in GP surgeries’ same crude pay -for- performance schemes that Medicare uses. As data becomes more granular, comparisons to determine whether certain doctors see sicker patients has been easier to determine and adjust for. That's because as health costs creep inexorably higher, the ability of healthcare to extract a bigger slice of the GDP pie has become heavily constrained. Doctors who treat older, sicker, and poorer patients with high blood pressure will inevitably score worse on this so-called quality measure than doctors who treat healthier and higher-income patients. Doesnt the reps performance depend on great products, efficient delivery, terrific customer service? Treatment for...

Kip Sullivan,.D., is a member of the Health five pregnant women deaths in 18 months prompt probe Care for All Minnesota Policy Advisory Committee and the legislative strategy committee of the Minnesota Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. In other words, this performance measure is not a measure of quality but a mishmash of many factors, only one of which might be physician skill. Why or why not? About the Authors Tags. Berwick, who had declared in 1995 that pay -for- performance policies are toxic, nave, and absolutely wrong, asserted in 2003 that payment for performance should become a top national priority. (Probably management decided to pay the shareholders a dividend instead of giving the employees a bonus.) Incentives and rewards are supposed to affect peoples effort.