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Both offline and online backups are supported for the Cisco Unity Bridge server. Risks of Lost Data If a Non-raid Hard Disk Fails. Storage of Backup Tapes and Software Necessary to Reinstall Cisco Unity. (Refer to DiRT Help for limitations about backing up Exchange messages.) Backup software does not have this limitation. Backup software agent for Exchange Server (if Exchange is installed zyban sr 150 mg on the Cisco Unity server or if you want to back up the Exchange and Cisco Unity servers together).

For more information on monitoring Cisco Unity, see the "Performance Monitoring" chapter. Refer to the manufacturer documentation for detailed instructions for doing backups. (Note that the service packs, Engineering Specials, and Service Releases that are installed cheap levitra online 7 day on the Cisco Unity server are not significant to the backup process.). If disk space is very low and if the system is very busy, the overwriting of older messages can begin in less than a day of logging.

If the server reboots during a backup, the backup will not be complete. If the server is connected to the network, you can install the tape drive or another backup device almost anywhere, though the server used for backup must have a Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet connection cialis vs generic viagra path to the Cisco Unity server. When to Schedule a Backup Backup software generally includes options for scheduling backups to occur automatically at a specified time. Backups of Cisco Unity Servers That Are Configured for Failover The procedure for backing up a secondary Cisco Unity server is the same procedure used to back up the primary server. You can configure logging in one of two ways: either the existing logs are regularly overwritten, or the existing logs are never overwritten. However, having a differential backup will save time in the event of a restore, because you will need to restore only the last full and the last differential backups.

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Choose how often the backup media are rotated out of the backup device and taken to an offsite storage location. Full or normal backups include all specified files, regardless of when they were last modified or backed. Depending on how much data needs to be backed up, and in a failover configuration, whether you are backing up all data on the primary and secondary servers, the backup could take several hours. For more information, refer to the manufacturer documentation. The Cisco Unity Disaster Recovery tools (DiRT) are not supported for use with the Bridge.

Refer to the "Supported Backup Software" what do cialis tablets look like section of the Cisco Unity System Requirements, and Supported Hardware and Software, available. For example, you may not be aware that a backup failed, and you may need to reinstall all software even if you are making full backups. We recommend that you read the documentation before choosing a backup method. After you back up the message store by using Exchange-aware backup software, the backup software clears the transaction logs.

Keep in mind that if this is a new installation with little data in the SQL Server and in the Exchange databases, your test backups will probably be much smaller and take significantly less time than when. Note The incremental backup is the only partial backup method that resets the archive bit (an ntfs file attribute). Backing up an Exchange server that includes Cisco Unity voice messages (and, for Exchange.5, directory information) does not require any custom settings in the backup software. Refer to the following for a list of backup software that is qualified for use with Cisco Unity, and for the Cisco Unity backup software support policy: For the Cisco Unity serverThe "Supported Backup Software" section of the. Do not use the backup software open file feature for backing up open files. Backup software can back up the Cisco Unity server while Cisco Unity continues to run.

Cisco Unity Maintenance Guide (With Microsoft)

DiRT cannot back up software installed on the Cisco Unity server, so restoring the server from a DiRT backup may require additional time. For a full recovery of an Exchange server, you will need a backup of the message store database. Backups of the Cisco Unity System, general Requirements, installation of Backup Software. (Cisco Unity does not support non-fault tolerant raid configurations, in which data could be lost if a single disk failed.) However, the following limitations will exist: If the failure occurs in a raid 1 array composed of only two. When you choose a media rotation method, you must do the following: Choose the backup method to use each day (for example, differential backups Monday through Thursday and full backups on Friday). You will lose changes to greetings and recorded names that were made since the last backup.

If you do both full backups and differential backups, you need to restore only the most recent full backup plus the most recent differential backup. Additional Information About Backing Up the Exchange Databases and Mailboxes. Back up all data and software on the Cisco Unity server both before and after you install or upgrade any software on the server. Backups of the Cisco Unity Server, backups of Separate Message Store Servers.

We strongly recommend that you do the following: Turn circular logging off. Carefully watch the amount of available space on the hard disk or in the partition where logs are stored, and increase the amount of available disk space when it is too low. Backup software documentation typically includes a definition of backup methods offered and information on how to choose among them according to your circumstances. For each server that has been qualified for use as a Cisco Unity server, a monitoring application (for example, Compaq InsightManager, Dell OpenManage IT Assistant and Server Administrator, and IBM Director) is available that you can use to monitor. SQL Server/msde Database Backups Schedules (SQL Server Nightly and Weekly Jobs) By default, a differential backup of the Cisco Unity SQL Server/msde database occurs daily, Monday through Saturday, at 2:00.m., and a full backup occurs every Sunday at 3:00.m.


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If the message store is corrupted or destroyed, you can restore the last backup of the message store and then apply the contents of the transaction log to the restored message store (if the transaction log was stored. If the backup device is not installed on the Cisco Unity server, you must install the backup software remote access agent for Windows NT/2000 on the Cisco Unity server. If Cisco Unity is configured for Unified Messaging, back up the Exchange servers on which Cisco Unity subscribers are homed by using the recommendations in the backup software documentation. Considerations for Choosing Backup Software There are many backup software packageswhich are sometimes referred to as data protection software packagesavailable for backing up all of the data on the Cisco Unity server, including SQL Server/msde, and Exchange databases and transaction logs. Inventory of Spare Hard Disks and Servers Not all raid disks are compatible with one another, and only selected servers have been qualified for use as Cisco Unity servers.

However, we recommend that you do not back up mailboxes separately from the databases without running a test backup to determine the performance impact. Backup software Agent for SQL Server (also required for msde). Considerations for Choosing Backup Software, preparations for Backing Up a Cisco Unity System. Cisco also offers disk and memory field replacement units (FRUs) for its MCS servers. If the Exchange message store is installed on the failed hard disk on the Cisco Unity server, you will lose all changes to the subscriber messages that were made since the last backup (for example, new messages, changes to existing messages, and deletions of messages). Differential backups may take longer than incremental backups. Treatment for...

Protection of the Exchange Transaction Logs. Caution, to back up SQL Server/msde data, you need to use the SQL Server agent for your backup software, which allows you to back up open SQL Server/msde database files. The Open File feature cannot reliably back up all database data. DiRT backs up only Cisco Unity data and, optionally, Exchange messages.