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BP 4mg Chlorpheniramine; Tapi 4mg Tabs. Medicaid Antiseptic Cream Medical Air Medical Carbon Dioxide Medical Carbon Dioxide 5 Oxygen 95 Medical Helium Medical Liquid Oxygen Medical Nitrous Oxide Medical Oxygen Medical oxygen 21 Helium 79 Mediject Morphine Sulphate Auto-Injector 10mg in 1ml Mediject Morphine Sulphate Auto-Injector. 600mg Uromitexan Injection Uromitexan Tabs. BP 400mg Aciclovir Tabs. Lloyds Heat Rub; Mehtol Wintergreen Heat Rub Lloyds Pharmacy Verruca Kit; Verrugon LMX 4 Lidocaine 4 w/w Cream Loceryl Cream Loceryl Nail Lacquer 5 Locorten-Vioform Ear Drops Lodine Caps.

Diclofenac Injection 75mg/3ml Diclofenac Potassium.5mg Tabs. Mebendazole Tablets 100mg Mecysteine 100mg Tabs. For Infusion OxyNorm 20mg Oxynorm 50mg/ml Solution for Injection or Infusion OxyNorm 5mg Oxynorm Concentrate 10mg/ml Oxynorm Liquid 5mg/5ml Oxynox Oxytetracycline 250mg Caps. 50mg Sumavel 6mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection in Needle-Free Injector Sumibril 50mg Tabs.

Prandin Prareduct 10mg Tabs. Fluorouracil fluorouracil solution 5 covered formulary skin AND mucous membrane agents, misc. 1g Reductil 10mg Reductil 15mg Redupres XL Prolonged-Release Tabs. Desmopressin Acetate.2mg Tabs. Xlarie XL 500mg Prolonged Release Tabs. BP.5mg Haloperidol Tabs.

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Gabapentin 300mg Caps.; Hard Gabapentin 300mg Caps; Hard Gabapentin 300mg Hard Caps. Cefotaxime.5g Powder for Sol. Sterwin Paracetamol Plus Soluble Tabs Ster-Zac Bath Conc. Mofimutral 500mg Film-Coated Tabs. Contact manufacturer for PAP antipsychotic agents Latuda lurasidone HCL tablet 20 MG Not Covered PAP Formulary: Olanzapine, Quetiapine, and Risperidone. 25mg Dismotil 10mg Tabs.

Teva Fluconazole 50mg Caps. 1mg Nidazea.75 Gel Niddaryl 1mg Tabs. Tavegil Elixir Tavegil Tabs. Tolterodine 1mg Film-Coated Tabs. Imigran Recovery 50mg Tabs.

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Fenpaed Ibuprofen 100mg/5ml Oral Suspension Fentamed 100mcg/hr Trnasdermal Patch Fentamed 25mcg/hr Trnasdermal Patch Fentamed 50mcg/hr Trnasdermal Patch Fentamed 75mcg/hr Trnasdermal Patch Fentamox 10; Tamoxifen Tabs. Clivarine Clivarine 1432 Anti-factor Xa.25ml Clivarine 3436 best liquid cialis anti Xa units/0.6ml Solution for Injection Clivarine Pen Clnorette Clobazam 10mg Tabs. Alendronic Acid 10mg Tabs. Gastritex Advance Gastrobid Continus Tabs. Rimactazid 300 Rimcure Film-Coated Tabs.

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Send to Central Pharmacy antipsychotic agents Abilify aripiprazole tablet 2 MG covered CommUnityCare Pharmacy Restricted to CUC Prescribers. BP 300mg Ferrous Sulphate 200mg Tabs. 500mg Naproxen Enteric Coated Tablets 250mg Naproxen Enteric Coated Tablets 375mg Naproxen Enteric Coated Tablets 500mg Naproxen Tablets BP 250mg Naproxen Tabs. Quinine Bisul-phate 300mg Tabs. Teva Lisinopril 10mg Tabs. Lamotrigine 50mg Dispersible Tabs.


Zanaflex/Tizanidine HCL

50mg Azarga Azathioprine 25mg Film coated Tabs. Teva Simvastatin 40mg Film-coated Tabs. Instanyl Insuatard FlexPen 100iu/ml pre-filled pen; susp. 500mg Niaspan Prolonged Release Tabs. Zofenico 30/12.5mg Film-coated Tabs. Fenofibrate 200mg Caps Fenofibrate 200mg Caps.

500mg Hexavac Hexopal Forte Tabs. Venlablue.5mg Prolonged Release Tabs. Antiretrovirals Viread tenofovir disoproxil fumarate tablet 150 MG Not Covered NON-formulary Prior Auths's Restricted to GI Clinic. Lem Plus Powders Lemon Antiseptic Throat Drops Lemon Cold Relief Powders Lemon Honey and Menthol Throaties Pastilles Lemsip Children's Six Cold Flu Relief Lemsip Cold Flu Max Strength Caps. For Infustion Zyvox 400mg Film Coated Tabs. Treatment for...

Tamurex 400mcg Prolonged Release Caps. Escitalopram 10mg Film-Coated Tabs. Isotretinoin 20mg Soft Caps. 200mg Bezagen XL 400mg Tabs.